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“Sharing the transformative power of sound and music through sound healing, therapeutic music, performance and teaching.”

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Paula Tait

“So many people spoke of the spirit of gentle peace, relaxation and oneness that they experienced from you.” Liz Barry – Care for the World Team, Wheatley URC

Hello and welcome. I am Paula Tait, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, sound healer and therapeutic music practitioner, who believes wholeheartedly in the transformative power of sound and music. I have witnessed sound and music bring about profound change on all levels, from alleviating stress, pain and disease, to re-awakening a connection with our true selves.

I invite you to experience this transformative power of sound yourself by coming for a Sound Healing or Therapeutic Music session. If you are a musician who wants to develop your ability to effect change through music, you may be interested in attending a Conscious Musicianship workshop or receiving individual coaching and mentoring.

In all my work, I draw upon the sound and music-related wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, as well my training in sound healing, therapeutic music, nada yoga and over twenty years’ experience as a professional musician.

In the blog section of this website, you will find discussions of some of the instruments that I play, as well as my thoughts about such subjects as inspiration, conscious musicianship and learning an instrument.

Here’s a little more about me and my background.

“I was absolutely bowled over by your wonderful presentation. You were so well and truly alive and in touch with your creative instinct. It was really thrilling to listen to the passion in your voice and the beauty of the music on the different instruments.” Anne Baring – Author of The Dream of the Cosmos

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