Hello and Welcome

I am Paula Tait, singer, musician and songkeeper. I am here to share my love for the wild magic of words, the deep mystery of music and the way these embrace as one in the form of song.

You may have seen me foraging for rhymes at dawn or calling lost melodies home at dusk. I gather them in my song basket until the time comes for them to be sung into life, then listen in awe as they heal, awaken and remind us of who we truly are. Sometimes a song leaves the gates to the Otherworld slightly ajar and we peer through, wide-eyed, open-mouthed and — just possibly —forever changed. 

It is this transformative power of words and music that continually inspires me to offer them to others in the form of performance, healing, writing and teaching. For, ultimately, whether it be through a musical instrument, the singing voice, or the spoken word, any sound that reconnects us to our soul, spirit and source is truly sacred. And we need the sacred in our world — now, more than ever.

“I was absolutely bowled over by your wonderful presentation. You were so well and truly alive and in touch with your creative instinct. It was really thrilling to listen to the passion in your voice and the beauty of the music on the different instruments.”

— Anne Baring – Author of The Dream of the Cosmos


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