Working With Me – Conscious Musicianship

Guidance on coming to me for individual sessions.

1. I work with musicians of intermediate and above standard. This is simply because before intermediate level, the focus of the work is consolidating your technique. I’ve put a few pointers to help with this in the Learning an Instrument section of my Instruments and Insights page. By intermediate level I mean that your technique is sufficient for you to be able to play without having to think overly about technique.

2. I work with all singers and instrumentalists of any genre, including instruments that I don’t play myself. We are not working on instrumental technique, but on how you use yourself while playing. Over 16 years of age only please.

3. We work on any level that is necessary: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We will probably need to address all of them in some way. My approach is founded on the belief that there is a spiritual dimension to playing music, but you are free to conceive of this in your own terms.

4. Do not be surprised if we don’t do much playing. Depending on your needs, we may work on how you listen, how you use your body, what your thought processes and core beliefs are and whether they are causing musical blockage. We may explore simple exercises and/or healing with sound. I may suggest you try meditation or I may refer you to an Alexander Technique teacher. It all depends on you.

5. I tend to work in small doses of 3-10 sessions. Once the work from these is processed, you may want to come back for further and deeper work.

6. Sessions take place at my studio in High Wycombe or via Skype. Please note that my studio is upstairs. Pedal/Celtic harps and Yamaha Clavinova are available to use.