Therapeutic Music Offerings

Harp at Sunset

As a Therapeutic Musician, I play music that is intended to have a beneficial effect on body, mind and spirit. I offer Therapeutic Music with harp, voice, flute and other instruments, both for individuals and for groups. 

Forms of Therapeutic Music 

Music for Individuals

Many Therapeutic Musicians play for individuals in hospitals, care homes, hospices and other clinical settings. Others work in their own studios, or visit clients in their own homes. I offer Therapeutic Music in person at my studio and online.

Background Music for Groups

Improvised music on the harp creates a peaceful and meditative ambiance for healing sessions, meditation groups and yoga classes. In these settings, the music is soft and quiet, lovingly supporting and deepening the purpose of the group without drawing attention to itself.

Music for Healing Centres

About once a month, I play the harp to accompany the healing sessions at Aylesbury Healing Centre. Please contact me or Robert at Aylesbury Healing Centre for details of the next date that I’m due to be there.

Music for Yoga Classes and Meditation Groups

I regularly work with ZenYo and Yoga By Candlelight, playing improvised music to support and enhance yoga, qigong and meditation classes and workshops.

Background Music for Establishments

Gentle background music can provide solace and comfort to visitors and staff. Any environment that can trigger stress, confusion or anxiety can benefit from the distracting and calming influence of Therapeutic Music played on the harp. This includes hospitals, hospices, clinics, surgeries, diagnostic centres, drop-in and advice centres, shelters, support groups, police stations, prisons, law courts, etc.

Musical Offerings for Prisons

I was asked to create a performance for vulnerable prisoners at HMS Prison Bullingdon. Could it include guided meditations to help the men feel safe, a light-hearted singalong and some unusual musical instruments? No problem! The result was a Magical Mystery Tour in which we followed John Lennon to the four corner of the world to see if he could find inner peace – with a little help from his friends, of course..

Musical Offerings for Care Homes

Well-known tunes and a gentle sing-along can create a cheering and reassuring atmosphere in care homes. These sessions can be especially beneficial for dementia patients, who respond well to old familiar melodies which connect and anchor them to memories from their past.

I regularly perform concerts at various care homes in the Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. I have also played soothing background music for groups such as the Herts PCA Dementia Support Group.

Tailored Musical Offerings

Depending on the needs of the group, sessions can also include other elements such as poetry, storytelling, movement and guided meditation.

If you would be interested in Therapeutic Music for yourself or for a group or establishment that you represent, please contact me to discuss how I might help you.

For more information see my blog post on What is Therapeutic Music?