My journey began as a professional singer and harpist. For over 20 years my performances have included television, radio and concert appearances in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia.

Some of the notable clients that I have played for include The National Trust, The Woodland Trust, Mercedes Benz, The Royal Institute of British Architects, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and The England Football Team. I have also played in some stunning venues, including Leeds Castle, Stourhead, Woburn Abbey, The National Botanic Gardens of Wales and The Bodleian Library at Oxford University.

Probably my most unusual performance has been live on BBC1’s Crimewatch, playing an example of a stolen harp for over six million viewers.

I was originally trained as a western classical musician, but I was to find my spiritual home in music from the world’s wisdom traditions. Among the musical instruments that I have studied are Celtic harp, Finnish kantele, Persian setar, Turkish ney, Indian taus, Japanese ichigenkin and Native American flute, as well as vocal practices from Ireland, India and the Middle East. I am also a student and practitioner of nāda (sound) yoga, which has, over time, deepened my connection to increasingly subtle levels of sound vibration.

As I became more immersed in my vocal, instrumental and sound yoga practice, I began to more consciously explore the spiritual traditions from which they had come: Hinduism, Sikhism, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Bardism, Shamanism and Animism. Each tradition imparted to me its own unique understanding of the transformative power of sound and music. Collectively, they led me to an experience of the depth and breadth of healing, connection and union that flow from sound and music, from a re-awakening of our true nature to an ever present sense of the re-sounding song of the cosmos. I felt the call to dedicate myself to sharing what I had learned with others. 

“I was absolutely bowled over by your wonderful presentation. You were so well and truly alive and in touch with your creative instinct. It was really thrilling to listen to the passion in your voice and the beauty of the music on the different instruments.”

Anne Baring – Author of The Dream of the Cosmos

To this end, I qualified as a Nāda and Mantra Yoga Teacher with Heart of Sound (USA), as a Certified Healthcare Musician with the Therapy Harp Training Program (AUS) and as a Gong Practitioner with the College of Sound Healing (UK). I also trained with Sarah Patterson on The Path of the Medicine Singer.

Since then, I have given concerts and performances, sound healing treatments for individuals and restorative music sessions for care homes, support groups and institutions. Some of my most fulfilling experiences have been playing for babies, parents and staff in the children’s intensive care ward of a Dublin hospital and creating an anxiety-reducing performance for vulnerable prisoners at HMS Prison Bullingdon.

“So many people spoke of the spirit of gentle peace, relaxation and oneness that they experienced from you.”

Liz Barry – Care for the World Team, Wheatley URC

Teaching is another way in which I enjoy sharing what I have learned. In addition to the courses I offer on nāda and mantra yoga, I have given workshops, masterclasses and lectures for organisations that include The Lake Erie Institute (USA), The Federation of Holistic Therapists, Therapy & Nature UK, Week of Prayer for World Peace, Zenways and The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

In whatever way you may feel called to experience the transformative power of sound and music for yourself, I look forward to sharing the journey with you.