The Didgeridoo

To the Australian Aborigines, the didgeridoo is a tool of sacred sound that transforms consciousness. To the Non-Aborigine, the didgeridoo tends to evoke a primal state, leading listeners inwards within themselves, allowing the mind to slip easily into trance. Didgeridoo

Dick de Ruiter likens listening to the didgeridoo to “bathing in sound vibrations.¹” These sound vibrations can bring parts of the body back into harmony through the principle of forced resonance, whereby the weaker vibration of out of balance cells and organs will entrain to the stronger vibrations of the didgeridoo.

The vibrations of the larger instruments, such as my 180cm native ash didgeridoo, are felt physically within the body and anecdotal evidence suggests that experiencing the didgeridoo’s vibrations in this way can help to relieve bodily pain.


¹De Ruiter, Dick The Healing Sounds of Didgeridoo: An Invitation to a Personal Spiritual Journey, 2001, page 29