20th April 2021

Feeling helpless about the state of the world? Frustrated? Want to contribute in a subtle yet powerful way to our present, our future? 

Join me and a global community of peacemakers exploring subtle activism at the Mantras for Peace: A Wisdom Gathering Online, a FREE event April 20-25, 2021.

Many of the world’s indigenous wisdom cultures acknowledge that the unseen sound of prayers keep the delicate fabric of life in harmony. Learn about ancient and innovative subtle activism practices from thought leaders, teachers, and artists from 6 continents in Mantras for Peace: A Wisdom Gathering Online, a FREE event April 20-25.

5 days. 25 extraordinary leaders. One radically inspiring experience!

*PLUS… a 24-hr LIVE global chant event on 20th-21st April!*

mantras for peace 2021

With biologist Bruce Lipton, futurist Christine Mason, sanskrit scholar Dr. Katy Jane, Arhuaco medicine keeper Biskungwi Marquez, marketing queen Mari Smith, voice expert Chloe Goodchild, devotional musician Punnu Singh Wasu, neuroscience educator Dr. Sarah Peyton, tantra expert Devi Ward, yoga philosophy teacher Bhavani Maki, artist activist Zena El Khalil, sound medicine expert Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, medicine singer Paula Tait, peace activist Michelle Button, mantra researcher Gemma Perry, spiritual teacher Swami Uttamānanda, musician Gina Salā, devotional Radhamadhav Das, yoga teacher Katie B Happy, non-violent communication trainer Jori Manske, yoga misfit Dana Trixie Flynn, and musician Sheela Bringi.

Hosted by Anandra George, a pioneer in the transformational personal practice of sound and mantra.

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Saturday 21st March 2020
Wycombe Arts Centre, Desborough Road, High Wycombe, HP11 2PU

This event is cancelled due to Covid-19.

This will be an afternoon of nurturing and grounding. These restorative practices aim to re-establish a deeper connection to your body in a healing and harmonious space through the power of the Universe’s vibrations. Here there is only allowing and creating room for peace and loving-kindness.

We will start with gentle breathing, followed by crystal grounding and transition into stillness with a crystal-cave meditation.

Also included:
ॐ Breath-focused Yoga accompanied with chanting, crystal-guided mediation and angelic vibrations led by Alexandra Alves of Yoga by Candlelight
ॐ Crystal Healing led by professional healer, Corrine Henry using the Red Jasper and Rose Quartz to channel grounding energy and unconditional love respectively. These charged grounding stones will be yours to hold and keep.
ॐ A cleansing healing sound bath guided by Paula Tait that will empower us to relinquish control of the thinking-mind enabling our innate wisdom to return us to a state of inner harmony and balance.
ॐ Opportunity to journal your thoughts at the end onto a piece of paper so that you may abandon any burdens before you leave. Venture back into the world healed.
ॐ Ayurvedic snacks to be served at the end.

This class is suitable for everyone – no experience needed. Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing. Everything is provided – just bring an open mind.

Investment £40 (advance booking essential)
Contact Alexandra Alves on 07786332695 or

Yoga Ceremony

Sunday 9th February 2020
Danesfield House and Spa, Henley Road, Marlow, SL7 2EY

Celebrate the Lotus Warrior in the Temple of Love

Each warrior has a story of creation. Each asana has its own story. Join Alexandra Alves (Yoga) and Paula Tait (Harp and Gongs) at this boutique yoga ceremony as we discover and acknowledge both the light and dark within us. We will bring the shadows within us to the conscious so that we may stop them from ruling our subconscious.

Ayurvedic teas, energy balls and Portuguese chocolate salami to be shared at the end.

Investment £40 (advance booking essential)
Contact Alexandra Alves on 07786332695 or


Sunday 3rd November 2019
Coopers, Meter House, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow SL7 1LW
7 – 8.30pm


With Jon Murphy of Zen Yo (Movement and Meditation) and Paula Tait (Chinese Zither and Gong Bath).

A mind and body expanding experience, soundtracked with therapeutic and uplifting live music on Chinese zither. Surf the subconscious with yogic sleep, enjoy flowing energy movement and finally relax into a restorative gong bath.

The perfect end to a weekend, Gentle, mindful and good for all abilities.

£12. To reserve a space mail or call:


Friday 14th June 2019
Cookham Dean WI Hall, Church Road, SL6 9PD
6.45pm – 8pm

Simple, flowing Qigong, Zen meditation and Yoga Nidra, with Celtic Harp.

Jonathan Murphy of ZenYo will guide us through an evening of mindful movement and meditation, while my harp gently connects us to the moment.

Perfect for all levels and abilities.

To book contact Jonathan Murphy at ZenYo or book via Facebook.

Yoga Ceremony

Saturday 16th March 2019
Wycombe Arts Centre, 19 Desborough Road, High Wycombe HP11 2RQ

Magic infused yoga in preparation for the Spring Equinox

Join Alexandra Alves (Yoga), Paula Tait (Celtic Harp, Tin Whistle and Gongs) and Charis Anne (Soprano) for this unique boutique yoga ceremony. Relax. Embrace. Surrender…

Alexandra has devised a new Pagan Yoga to honour the divine in the form of the Triple Goddess reflected in the waxing, full and waning phases of the Moon. Through this 2 ½ hour offering you will go on a journey through the landscapes of your inner world. Prepare to embrace magic and delve into a lost kingdom of enchanting mythology.

Join us afterwards at 4.30pm for refreshments and to receive your individual gift.

Investment £40. Booking essential. Tickets from Alexandra Alves at 07786332695 or

Yoga Ceremony

Thursday 21st June 2018
Danesfield House and Spa, Henley Road, Marlow, SL7 2EY

Celebrate the Summer Solstice in the Beautiful Gardens of Danesfield House

Yoga by Candlelight’s Alexandra Alves will be guiding you through a peaceful yoga practice to honour the longest day of the year. Paula Tait will be enchanting you with the warm sounds of the harp, before the evening ends with a gong bath.

Included are a small gift. Spa Illuminata bespoke tea and cookies will be served.

The session will be held inside in the event of rain.

£35. Book through Danesfield House on 01628 891010 or

Yoga Ceremony

Saturday 9th June 2018
Danesfield House and Spa, Henley Road, Marlow, SL7 2EY

Inspired by the ancient civilisations of the Silk Road

Join Alexandra Alves (Yoga) and Paula Tait (Music) for this unique boutique yoga ceremony where we will be travelling the Silk Road through the vibrations of Yoga.

An alchemical journey of yoga is awaiting you – be enchanted by the Japanese Ichijenkin, Persian Setar, Indian Taus and the mythology of the Silk Road countries, whilst weaving asana with myth, mudra with mantra into a rhythm which accompanies the melody of your inner child.

Energy balls and tea afterwards (serenity and turmeric tea) 5.30pm to 6pm. Alice Nugent will be offering us a taste of her Hipopot Teas. These contain no green or black tea, no caffeine, and certainly no additive or preservatives.

Parking is available.
Investment £35pp

Tickets from Alexandra Alves at 07786332695 or

Yoga Ceremony

Saturday 18th November 2017
St Katherine’s Parmoor, Parmoor Lane Parmoor, Henley-On-Thames RG9 6NN

A Mythical Flow Celebrating the Heart of the Warrior

A union between yoga and harp.

With its pure and resonant voice, the harp calls to our souls. For thousands of years it has been used as an instrument of healing that calms our emotions and gladdens our hearts. Allow the harp to lead you on a journey through mystic landscape and deep healing.

Yoga by Candlelight is a combination of flow yoga in graceful sequences alongside longer held postures. Certified yoga teacher Alexandra  leads the classes, which focus on breath to create space in the body and quieten the mind. The workshop blends hatha, vinyasa , meditation, candles and essential oils.

Followed by a Gong Ceremony.

Yoga: Alexandra Alves of Yoga By Candlelight
Harp and Gongs: Paula Tait

Booking essential. Email: