“Sound is an amazing source of calm, healing and joy to me. And Paula is a master at channelling the sound that is needed. I so look forward to a sound healing session with her, receiving its magical benefits and its transformational gifts. I recommend the experience strongly, to everyone.”


“Thanks again for the wonderful sound bath, I felt so positive and radiant the next morning and still do.”


“I had had a couple of group gong baths previously and whilst these have always been good they are not quite the same as the one to one experience.

Paula welcomed me into her studio; a peaceful and calm place with lots of gongs, singing bowls and other instruments that appeared to be waiting. There is definitely an air of expectation and Paula takes time to explain the process, makes sure you are comfortable and warm, and then it begins.

The session started with the singing bowls, whose notes chime and resonate and help you find a focus. I had decided that my focus was going to be to remain open and let whatever happen happen. Soon the notes of the bowls were fading gently and were replaced with high keening tones of a gong, which in turn gave way to pulses of gong sound. For me, the experience was a physical one, I can feel the sound from my toes, through my body and to the top of my head. Total immersion. As I focussed on staying open, I felt a palpable sense of freedom, that everything was A-OK and that I was completely safe. Thoughts, feelings and ideas came and went, borne on the song of the gongs. I had the sense I was surfing on wave upon wave of sound, which never quite broke, but pushed ever onwards with openness and love.

After the session, I was deeply relaxed but definitely not sleepy or tired. All was good with the world and with my place in it. For me, sound healing is at once a liberating and a grounding experience, and with Paula as your guide you may experience a similar thing too.”


“It was very gentle. Just what I needed. I loved it.”


“I went back to that no thought place of pure consciousness. I was clear and connected to myself and the universe. Its just such a magic space.”


“I had once experienced a gong sound bath in a group and was intrigued as to what it would be like to experience the gongs alone. I have to admit that I am now completely addicted to the effect the gongs have on me after an individual session in Paula’s studio. They soothe me, reconnect me with myself, heal me in many different ways and guide me with insights and wisdom. I used them recently to prepare for surgery and felt grounded and more calm as a result.

I can only recommend a gong bath with Paula wholeheartedly.”


“It was a wonderful experience. I felt relaxed throughout. I love the sounds of the gongs and my body felt tingly especially my arms. I feel relaxed and calm. I didn’t want the session to end.”


“I felt great the week after my last session, positive energy flow, is how I would describe it.”


“I have noticed a sense of inner calm that is different from anything I have experienced before, I have noticed it a few times in situations where I would have normally felt more reactive….interesting, and hope it stays with me.”