The ultimate aim of yoga is union with our true nature.

In Nāda Yoga, this union is approached through a process of deepening consciousness and inner transformation by means of Sound.


The Nāda of Nāda Yoga is Primal Sound – the fundamental vibration of the universe. According to Tantrik philosophy, this vibration is the creative principle from which existence itself arises. The primal Nāda vibration is said to be present within all sounds, to a greater or lesser extent. As Nāda yogis, we utilise various sounds of increasing subtlety to attune ourselves to the Primal Sound that is is the source of all existence, including our own.

“In India, it is said the universe hangs on sound. Not ordinary sound, but a cosmic vibration so massive, subtle and all-encompassing that everything seen and unseen (including man) is filled with it.”1

Nada Yoga Classes

1David Reck in Music of the Whole Earth, 1977, quoted by Jill Mattson, The Lost Waves of Time: The Untold Story of How Music Shaped Our World, 2015