Why I Started Wild Song Walks

Or, How Did a Girl From Hounslow End Up as a nature Guide? I grew up in West London, under the Heathrow flight path – about as far away from nature as you could get. On a school trip to the Wiltshire countryside I was so miserable that I cried into my lunchbox. A teenage […]

Shinrin Yoku and the Benefits of Being in Nature

“The sounds of the forest soothe our frazzled heads, lift us out of mental fatigue and give us the silence in which to think.”1 Forest Bathing Forest Bathing – or Shinrin Yoku, as it is known in Japan – originated as an antidote to our unfulfilling modern lifestyles that have led to such damaging disconnection […]

Medicine Singing

The voice is at once music, meditation and medicine.1 What is Medicine Singing? The word medicine in Medicine Singing has two connotations. First, it is connected with healing, as we would generally use the term – something that brings us towards wellness or wholeness. Secondly, in the Native American tradition, plants and animals are said […]

Therapeutic Music Offerings

As a Therapeutic Musician, I play music that is intended to have a beneficial effect on body, mind and spirit. I offer Therapeutic Music with harp, voice, flute and other instruments, both for individuals and for groups.  Forms of Therapeutic Music  Music for Individuals Many Therapeutic Musicians play for individuals in hospitals, care homes, hospices and […]


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About Song, Sound and Silence

Thank you for visiting my Song, Sound and Silence Blog. Here I’ve written my thoughts about voice alchemy, therapeutic music, sound healing and yoga. I’ve also written about some of the instruments that I play and some insights into being a conscious musician. Here too, I’ve shared my experiences of walking in nature, listening to the land and hearing the Deep Song.


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