Instruments and Insights

Harp Therapy

The harp gives forth murmuring music; and the dance goes on without hands and feet.” Kabir (1480-1518) For people who are drawn to this beautiful instrument, an individual Harp Therapy session can be soothing, uplifting and profoundly healing. Healing with the Harp The historical and archetypal significance of the harp as an ancient, spiritually healing instrument … Continue reading Harp Therapy

Celtic Harp

The Celtic Harp

  I was at a festival in 1993 when I first heard Robin Williamson play the Celtic harp. I knew straightaway that was what I wanted to do. Still, it took over a year of obsessing about harps before I finally got my hands on a small, knocked about one. By 1995 I had grown … Continue reading The Celtic Harp

Tuning Forks

The tuning fork was invented in 1711 by John Shore, Court Trumpeter and Lutenist to Queen Anne. Originally intended as a pitch standard for tuning musical instruments, the accuracy, constancy and purity of the tuning fork’s tone has led to it becoming a valuable tool for healing and the development of spiritual consciousness. The tuning … Continue reading Tuning Forks

The Voice

When improvising pure vowel tones and overtones, the voice is used as a non-verbal musical instrument. When chanting, the voice is the carrier of The Word, which is, itself, a facet of vibration. R J Stewart has this to say about chanting with the voice: The most important asset of the human voice is that … Continue reading The Voice


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