Refinement and Transformation CONSULTATIONS

For those who would like to go deeper into the mantra or who would like support with their mantra japa practice.

Our Mantra Mela workshops are designed to be standalone sessions and include all that you need to get going with the mantra and a subsequent 40 day mantra japa practice, if you wish. 

In addition to the group workshops, I offer hour-long individual consultations for those who would like further guidance. What you want to cover in these sessions is up to you but, typically, these sessions involve either refining your practice of the mantra or looking at things that have come up for you during a 40 day mantra japa practice.

N.B. These sessions are only for those who have previously attended a Mantra Mela group workshop.


Honing your skills will help to deepen your connection to the mantra.

There is not space in our group workshops to cover every single aspect of Sanskrit transliteration, pronunciation and tongue positions or chanting practice. So in each session we focus on one or two of these. Over the year, if you attend several sessions, you will gradually refine your practice.

An individual consultation provides the time and space to broaden your skills, covering all the pronunciation points that are pertinent to each of our mantras. It can be helpful for me to listen to where you are with your pronunciation and then us work on this together. These sessions can also help you refine other elements of chanting, such as the Vedic pitches and levels of voice. Of course, if you would like further help on any elements originally covered in the group workshops, I am also happy to go over anything again.


A 40 day mantra japa practice can have a profound affect on our inner and outer lives, leading to increased peace, equanimity, awareness and connection.

Yet any form of transformational shift can be unsettling and it is quite normal for a mantra practice to also bring up feelings of discomfort and disorientation. If your mantra practice has shown you challenges that you are ready to face, that is good news, because dealing with them can ultimately lead to a transformed, more radiant life. But while we are going through this process, it can be reassuring to know that we are not alone.

I can help you make sense of what is happening from a Nāda Yoga perspective and offer some yogic and Ayurvedic concepts for integrating the transformational shift. However, I am not a doctor, counsellor or psychotherapist and so you may also wish to consider having professional help from a suitably qualified practitioner.



£40 for 1 Hour