20th April 2021

Feeling helpless about the state of the world? Frustrated? Want to contribute in a subtle yet powerful way to our present, our future? 

Join me and a global community of peacemakers exploring subtle activism at the Mantras for Peace: A Wisdom Gathering Online, a FREE event April 20-25, 2021.

Many of the world’s indigenous wisdom cultures acknowledge that the unseen sound of prayers keep the delicate fabric of life in harmony. Learn about ancient and innovative subtle activism practices from thought leaders, teachers, and artists from 6 continents in Mantras for Peace: A Wisdom Gathering Online, a FREE event April 20-25.

5 days. 25 extraordinary leaders. One radically inspiring experience!

*PLUS… a 24-hr LIVE global chant event on 20th-21st April!*

mantras for peace 2021

With biologist Bruce Lipton, futurist Christine Mason, sanskrit scholar Dr. Katy Jane, Arhuaco medicine keeper Biskungwi Marquez, marketing queen Mari Smith, voice expert Chloe Goodchild, devotional musician Punnu Singh Wasu, neuroscience educator Dr. Sarah Peyton, tantra expert Devi Ward, yoga philosophy teacher Bhavani Maki, artist activist Zena El Khalil, sound medicine expert Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, medicine singer Paula Tait, peace activist Michelle Button, mantra researcher Gemma Perry, spiritual teacher Swami Uttamānanda, musician Gina Salā, devotional Radhamadhav Das, yoga teacher Katie B Happy, non-violent communication trainer Jori Manske, yoga misfit Dana Trixie Flynn, and musician Sheela Bringi.

Hosted by Anandra George, a pioneer in the transformational personal practice of sound and mantra.

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