The Zen of One String – 22.6.19 – Wimbourne

Zen of One String Talk

Saturday June 2019
Zenways Family Gathering, Gaunts House, Petersham Lane, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4JQ

“The ichigenkin is empty. There is nothing there. It is full of this nothingness. The ichigenkin is full. Everything is there. There is nothing left to put in.” Yamada Sensei
The one-stringed ichigenkin is an extremely rare musical instrument, even in its native Japan. Paula Tait, a student in the lineage of Yamada Sensei, will recount its history as the chosen instrument of poets, priests and samuris and introduce us to its Zen aesthetics and philosophy.

More information at Zenways website.

Zenways Family Gathering June 2019