About Me

I am lucky enough to have enjoyed a varied career as a professional musician that has spanned over twenty years. In that time, my appearances as a singer and harpist have ranged from an eighteen month residency at the luxury Gregan’s Castle hotel on the west coast of Ireland to a children’s intensive care ward in a Dublin hospital. I have performed at the Celtic Tea Rooms in Queensland, Australia, and in person on Australian radio.

Along the way, I have played for some interesting clients such as The National Trust, The Woodland Trust, Mercedes Benz, The Royal Institute of British Architects, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Irish Ambassador to the UK and Vinnie Jones and The England Football Team. I’ve also played in some stunning venues, including Cliveden, Leeds Castle, Stourhead, Woburn Abbey, The National Botanic Gardens of Wales and The Bodleian Library, Oxford. Perhaps my most unusual performance has been live on BBC1’s Crimewatch, playing an example of a stolen harp for over six million viewers.

Here’s a list of some more of my clients and appearances.

In 2016, I took the big decision to retire from function work to concentrate on exploring and sharing the transformative power of sound and music.

I have always loved traditional music from around the world and, for many years, I have studied different musical instruments and traditions from places such as Europe, America, Australasia, Japan, Korea, India, Iran and my own, native, British Isles. This has brought me into contact with the deep regard in which sound and music is held by many spiritual traditions, including Zen Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, Hindu and Sikh, as well as various Shamanic and Indigenous cultures. It is my deep desire to bring this wisdom together and pass it on to those who come to study with me: the next generation of musicians, song keepers and sound yogis. I also delight in sharing my multi-instrumental, multi-cultural approach to sound and music with audiences. This has coalesced in my Words and Music Concerts, which present poetry, story, song and music from all over the globe.

“Emotional and beautifully executed…Thank you, Paula, for a concert that few others would ever have thought of putting together, thank you again.”

Keith Chatfield, Author and Television Presenter

As a musician with a deep interest in transformation, it was natural that I should be drawn to train in Sound Healing and Harp Therapy, becoming a qualified Gong Practitioner, Reiki Drum Master and full member of the College of Sound Healing. As a Therapeutic Musician, I offer restorative music sessions for care homes, support groups and in institutions such as prisons and hospitals. I am also fascinated by how live music can enhance healing, meditation and yoga sessions and I enjoy working with colleagues such as Aylesbury Healing Centre (Spiritual Healing and Reiki), Zenyo (Meditation and Qigong) and Yoga by Candlelight (Hatha Yoga), supporting their activities with the soothing qualities of the harp.

I cannot imagine being able to engage meaningfully with music without also engaging deeply in the practice of listening. For me, this involves listening to myself, to others beings, to the land and to silence itself. The more I have listened, the more I have begun to hear everything as one great Song. All songs, whether carried by humans, the wild creatures, or the land itself, are aspects of that one Song – or, as I have come to call it, the Deep Song. Much of my work now stems from my wish to support others in finding their own connection to the Deep Song.

“Lots of very positive feedback from your audience of last week, some examples : magical, inspiring, delightful, quality of reflective peace.”

Helen, Bedford Quaker Meeting