Medicine Singing

The voice is at once music, meditation and medicine.1 What is Medicine Singing? The word medicine in Medicine Singing has two connotations. First, it is connected with healing, as we would generally use the term – something that brings us towards wellness or wholeness. Secondly, in the Native American tradition, plants and animals are saidContinue reading “Medicine Singing”

How Sound Healing Works

Vibration Everything in the universe consists of vibrations. This includes our bodies, organs, cells, feelings, emotions and mental processes. Fundamentally, sound healing works by creating vibrational changes in our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. When these changes occur, they can initiate transformation and healing, by returning us to harmony and wholeness. Resonance Sound isContinue reading “How Sound Healing Works”

Modal Improvisation in Therapeutic Music Part 1

Unfamiliar music In Therapeutic Music – that is, music intended to effect positive change – the most beneficial music for the recipient is often unfamiliar to them. There are several reasons for this: unfamiliar music presents a “clean sheet” so the recipient can go on their own inner journey in response, free from previously heldContinue reading “Modal Improvisation in Therapeutic Music Part 1”


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Thank you for visiting my blog. Here I’ve written some posts to introduce you to various aspects of Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music – what they are, how they work and how they can help. I’ve also included information about some of the instruments and modalities I use in my work.



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