Sound Healing & Therapeutic Music

“In essence, we are sonic creatures living in a universe created by sound. In sound we are born; in sound we are healed.¹”

The gentle powers of sound and music are here to transport us to a place of healing, harmony and wholeness.

I offer the following ways to experience therapeutic transformation through sound and music: 


Sound Healing

1-1 Sound Healing treatments for relaxation, rejuvenation and healing on all levels. With voice, harp, gongs and other healing instruments. 

GROUP sessions

Sound Journeys

Sound Journeys with gongs and other therapeutic instruments. All welcome.

Therapeutic Music

Therapeutic Music with voice, harp and other instruments for care homes, support groups, meditation, yoga and qigong classes and more.

¹ Benton, Mehtab Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga, 2013