Group Sound Journeys

Join us on a transformational journey through sound and music. 

Just lie back and allow the therapeutic tones of gongs, singing bowls, bells, chimes, flutes, strings, voice and earth sounds to transport you to wherever you need to be.

Journeying Through Sound

Singing bowl at Sound BathAs we journey, we change from one state at the start to another at the end. This change depends upon what we need at the time. It could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We could find ourselves more relaxed, de-stressed, or with a reduction in pain. We could be rejuvenated and energised, or we could have had insights into situations that are troubling us. We could find that our whole being has been re-tuned back into a state of harmony. For some people, a Sound Journey can be life-changing.

Forthcoming Group Sound Journeys

See Events for details of forthcoming Group Sound Journeys.

Bring mats, blankets and cushions to make yourself cosy and comfortable. Bring a bottle of water too. Please have look at the Sound Journey Frequently Asked Questions for more information on what to expect. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

“Whenever the gong is played, we have a new relationship to the body, mind and spirit that invites healing to occur.” Mehtab Benton – Gong Therapy