Medicine Singing combines vocal sounds and songs that carry a healing intention for the recipient. I work intuitively and usually don’t know what sound will come out until it does. It could be singing, crooning and keening or sighs, groans and yelps. Often a medicine song wants to be sung for those receiving the healing; mostly these songs come and go in the moment, but sometimes they appear in the form of a lullaby, chant or song that has been passed down the generations. The words are sometimes in English, but more often they come through in pure vowels or light language.


The voice may be complimented by other sound healing instruments. I am trained and experienced in a number of different sound and music healing modalities, including harp, gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and drum. These powerful sound tools are supported by a selection of native flutes, stringed instruments, bells, chimes, conch trumpets and natural percussion. Each has its own voice and song. This wide variety of instruments available to support the voice means that the most beneficial and healing sounds for each individual on any given day are readily to hand.

“In sound we are born and in sound we are healed.”1



1 Mehtab Benton in Gong Yoga, 2013