Sound Healing with Gongs

The gong is indispensable for bringing back the full resonance of health and happiness to people all over the earth.  Don Conreaux – The 7 Golden Years from 2019-2025

The sound of the gong is so comprehensive, dense and all-encompassing that it cannot be matched by any other instrument. Indeed, the gong’s sound has become known as the sound of total resonance because we hear it at all levels of consciousness. For many sound healers, it is the single most potent instrument there is.

The Healing Power of the Gong

“Every gong bath is different and the sounds that come through are the ones that the recipient needs at that particular time. There is an innate intelligence at work and everyone gets exactly what they need in every moment.” Sheila Whittaker – In the Heart of the Gong Space

During a gong treatment, our physical bodies reverberate with sound and we feel cleansed and rejuvenated afterwards. Aches and pains may disappear and joint mobility may improve. The gong sound also increases our sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. Many people say that they feel more relaxed, peaceful and less stressed after a gong treatment, while others feel calmly energised and blissful. Blockages on a mental level are often cleared, leaving people able to change old thought patterns and out-dated habits.

Sometimes, simply being in the presence of the gongs and enveloped in their sound gives us the sense of being held in a loving embrace. This can feel like a gift of grace that connects us with a transcendent reality beyond our finite selves. In this state, healing can occur on all levels.

I work with an exceptionally powerful combination of five gongs: a 34” Paiste Symphonic gong and four Paiste Planet gongs: Mercury, Chiron, Nibiru and Uranus. You can read about their individual qualities on The Gong page. 

The gongs are enhanced by other sound healing instruments, including singing bowls, tingsha, bells, chimes, monochord and natural percussion sounds. I may also incorporate voice, harp and various flutes, if that feels needed.

Your GONG Sound Healing Treatment

Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, I am unable to provide in person treatments at this time. However, I still offer individual Sound Healing treatments online via Zoom.

A safe space is created where you will be supported throughout your session. This is a space of total acceptance, so you need not be anything other than yourself. Everything that occurs in this space is strictly confidential.

Individual Sound Healing

£45 for 1 hour session (approx.)

Please take a look at the Sound Healing FAQs, which explains how to prepare and what to expect before, during and after your Sound Healing session.

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Then, when you are ready, contact me to book your Sound Healing session. I look forward to working with you.