What is Healing with Sound, Music & SONG?

Healing is the transformation of an individual back to their original state of wholeness and perfection.

In sound healing, a person’s original state is considered to be one of harmony. Any mental or emotional distress, physical illness or dis-ease, therefore, is a state of disharmony. Sound healers consciously apply sound frequencies or musical sound patterns to bring the individual back into harmony. From this renewed harmony, a state of health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – ensues.


For a detailed explanation, see my post on How Sound Healing Works or browse my full Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Blog.

“Sound healing is possible because the human body is not solid and is held together by vibration. Like a well tuned musical instrument, the body is a rhythmic, harmonious form unless its vibratory field is disrupted.”

Marjorie de Muynck

My Sound, Music & SONG Healing Offerings

I offer healing with voice and a range of therapeutic instruments.


Using my voice allows me to combine vocal sounds and songs that carry a loving, healing intention for the recipient. I work intuitively and often don’t know what sound will come out until it does. It could be singing, crooning and keening or even sighs, groans and yelps. There are also times when I consciously choose certain sounds or mantras for a specific purpose. Often a medicine song wants to be sung for those receiving the healing; mostly these songs come and go in the moment, but sometimes they appear in the form of a lullaby, chant or song that has been passed down the generations. The words are sometimes in English, but more often they come through in pure vowels, vocables or light language.

Therapeutic Instruments

The voice is complimented by other sound healing instruments. I am trained and experienced in a number of different sound and music healing modalities, including harp, gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and drum. These powerful sound tools are supported by a selection of native flutes, stringed instruments, bells, chimes, conch trumpets and natural percussion. Each has its own voice and song. This wide variety of instruments available to support the voice means that the most beneficial and healing sounds for each individual, on any given day, are readily to hand.

“Sound healing is the frontier of true holistic medicine.”

Sol Luckman


Sessions take place in person at my High Wycombe studio or online via Zoom.

Distance sound, music and song healing treatments are a third option for those who are unable to get to my studio and for whom Zoom sessions are unsuitable for any reason.

I also offer a free monthly Medicine Song session. These are live-streamed on YouTube and available to all.

What People Are Saying

“Sound is an amazing source of calm, healing and joy to me. And Paula is a master at channelling the sound that is needed.”


“I went back to that no thought place of pure consciousness. I was clear and connected to myself and the universe. It’s just such a magic space.”