The Celtic Harp

  I was at a festival in 1993 when I first heard Robin Williamson play the Celtic harp. I knew straightaway that was what I wanted to do. Still, it took over a year of obsessing about harps before I finally got my hands on a small, knocked about one. By 1995 I had grownContinue reading “The Celtic Harp”

Bardic Pilgrimage: Daffyd ap Gwilym

Strata Florida Abbey, Tregaron, Ceredigion By now, my northward road had taken me as far as mid Wales and the second stop on my Welsh pilgrimage: the isolated, ruined abbey of Strata Florida. I had gone to pay my respects to the 14th century bardic poet, Daffyd ap Gwilym, who is believed to be buried there.Continue reading “Bardic Pilgrimage: Daffyd ap Gwilym”