Benefits of Sound Healing with Gongs

  The Gong Sound Calms, Relaxes and De-Stresses You The sound of gongs, singing bowls and other therapeutic instruments lowers the frequency of our brainwaves. From the everyday, active and busy, Beta brainwave state (13-30 cps), we slow into the Alpha brainwave state (8-13 cps). This is the state just before sleep, where our mindContinue reading “Benefits of Sound Healing with Gongs”

Sound Healing with Gongs

The gong is indispensable for bringing back the full resonance of health and happiness to people all over the earth.  Don Conreaux – The 7 Golden Years from 2019-2025 The sound of the gong is so comprehensive, dense and all-encompassing that it cannot be matched by any other instrument. The skilfully played gong gradually builds up intoContinue reading “Sound Healing with Gongs”

Meet The Gongs

Welcome to the Gong Space Welcome to the gong spaceA space of rest and renewalOf harmony and wholenessOf being held by sound and healed by sound Welcome to the gong spaceA space of loving acceptanceOf safety and non-judgementOf letting go and letting be Welcome to the gong spaceA space of unlimited possibilityThis is your spaceContinue reading “Meet The Gongs”