Therapeutic Music

As a Therapeutic Musician, I play music that is intended to have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. I offer Therapeutic Music for both individuals and groups, with harp, voice and other instruments.

Therapeutic Music for Individuals

I provide Harp Therapy in my studio at High Wycombe. All are welcome – in particular, those who are experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual pain, whatever the cause. It may also be possible to visit clients, by arrangement.

Therapeutic Music for Groups

Some of the groups that I have played for include:

Aylesbury Healing Centre

About once a month, I play the harp to accompany the healing sessions at Aylesbury Healing Centre. Please contact me or Robert at Aylesbury Healing Centre for details of the next date that I’m due to be there.

HM Prison Bullingdon

I was asked to create a performance for vulnerable prisoners at Bullingdon. Could it include guided meditations to help the men feel safe, a light-hearted singalong and some unusual musical instruments? No problem! The result was a Magical Mystery Tour in which we followed John Lennon to the four corner of the world to see if he could find inner peace – with a little help from his friends, of course.

Yoga Classes and Meditation Groups

I regularly work with ZenYo and Yoga By Candlelight, playing improvised music to support and enhance yoga, qigong and meditation classes and workshops.

Care Homes and Support Groups

I perform light-hearted concerts at various care homes in the Buckinghamshire area. I have also played gentle background music for groups such as the Herts PCA Dementia Support Group.

Health and Healing Market at Maidenhead Healing Centre

On a beautiful March day, listeners came with me on a journey through the three strains of healing music: sadness, joy and peace:

Here is a link to a guest blog that I was invited to write for Maidenhead Healing Centre on Music as Medication.

If you would be interested in Therapeutic Music for yourself or for a group or establishment that you represent, please contact me to discuss how I might help you.

For care home enquiries, please contact my agent, Matthew West of Care Entertainment, Tel: 020 8550 3782, Mob: 07743 931 637, Email:,