Conscious Musicianship

I teach an approach to playing music that I call Conscious Musicianship. By this, I mean that as musicians we learn to be conscious of ourselves (body, mind, emotions and spirit) and conscious of the music we are playing: this includes the effect it is having on any listeners. This consciousness ultimately allows us to approach a state of connection between musician, music and listener.

I offer individual sessions for competent adult musicians of any instrument and genre who are interested in discovering more about Conscious Musicianship. These can take place at my studio in High Wycombe, Bucks, or via Skype.

I am currently writing a practical book on Conscious Musicianship. More details to follow.

More information about working with me on Conscious Musicianship.

Harp Lessons

I run a harp studio on Thursdays. However, I do not have any spaces for new harp students at the moment. Please contact me if you would like to go on the waiting list.